Single Side Sticker Labeling Machine

Stickers are connected on all the stuffed things that are being exchanged the market by a good Single Side Sticker Labeling Machine. Keep in mind that all stuffed nourishment things and prescription jugs must have each and every data appropriately on the mark. Clients need to purchase such things in the wake of seeing all the insight about the specific item. Will you simply envision if an item makes its nearness in the market without having a tag on it? What’s more, accept what will happen if a thing comes without a tag.

A standard client won’t touch the merchandise and a normal customer won’t lean toward the alternative of purchasing a piece which is not indicating right data. In long time past days there were no machines accessible in the market, so labels used to fasten on the items physically. Clearly, there was bunches of wastage when work used to be completed by hand. Besides, it was a tedious procedure.

Technical Specification

Label Height 8 mm to 90 mm Standard
Label Length 12 mm to Unlimited
Label Roll Dia. 300 / 400 mm
Core Dia. 75 / 76 mm
Electrical 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50 / 60 Hz)
Power 1.2 Amp.
Capacity 0.5 Kw
Speed Up to 120 labels per minute depending on product and label size
Conveyor Height 865-960 mm
Overall Dimensions 1825 mm (L) x 715 mm (W) x 1550 mm (H)

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