Double head shrink sleeve applicator (Body + Neck )

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Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine:

In Order To Meet The Market Demend On Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator, Sleeve Applicator, Shrink Sleeve Applicator, High Speed Sleeve Label Applicator And Our Packaging Machinery, Our Company Has Researched And Developed Double Head Mechanism To Meet The Requirements Of Casting Label For Bottle Mouth And Bottle Body.


This Machine Can Be Used In Two Position Operation. It Could Be Used For Sleeve Labeling On Both Bottles’ Neck And Body Save Space And Cost Of Equipments.


It Adopts Equivalent Plc, Positioning Module,Servo Motor And Frequency Converter. Besides, Its Touch Screen Is Featured With A Humankind Operation.

Varieties For Casting Label:

With The Accurate Casting Label, The Equipment Applies To The Casting Label And Sealing For Bottles With Various Shapes And Hexagonal Oil Drum. The Products Are Sold In Quantity To The Domestic And Overseas Markets.  It Suit All Kinds Of Bottles, Cups, Cans, Jars, And So On. Shrinkable Label & Cap Protection Label Auto Inserting & Shrinking wide range of automatic shrink sleeve applicator, neck shrink sleeve machine, high speed linear shrink sleeve applicator, shrink sleeve machinery, shrink sleeve machine tunnel and neck shrink sleeve applicator.

 Technical Parameters:

 Input Power  3.0kw
 Input Voltage  Three-Phase,380/220vac
 Production Efficiency  2*150bottles/Min
 Size Of Host Machine  3200l*1200w*2070h
 Applicable Diameter Of Bottle Body  ?28 Mm-?125mm
 Applicable Length Of Label  30 Mm ~ 250mm
 Applicable Thickness Of Label  0.03 Mm ~0.13 Mm
 Applicable Internal Diameter Of Paper Tube  5”~10” Adjust It At Will



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