Automatic Flowmatic 2 Head Filling Machine

flowmatic filling machine 500ml to 5 ltrGear Pump Filler (1)


The Automatic 2 Head Flowmatic Base Oil Filling machine is compact and highly efficient machine with elegant look. This multi function multi featured machine meets the custom requirements of filling for glass, plastic and aluminum tin. The machine has its own pumping system to connect the machine with main tank. The flow of liquid is measured and converted in to electronic signals being controlled by micro computer base circuitry. Minimum adjustment required to set different capacities 5 kg to 15 kg with varying containers. The entire range can be set on the same machine without any change parts.

Operation :

The filling pump synchronized with conveyor drive and conveyor drive controlled by AC frequency drive. The speed can be set in terms of bottles per minute. The conveyor drive consists of a hollow shaft, geared motor controlled by AC frequency drive. A knob can set the speed of conveyor.

Technical Specification
Output 2-4 Tin per Min.
Direction of Movement Left to Right
No. of Filling Head 2
Fill Size* 5 to 15 LTR
Electrical Specification 2 HP / 415 / 3ph / 50 Hz.
Height of Conveyor 860 to 910 mm



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