Flat Bottle Labeling Machine – Self adhesive labellers

The completely programmed Labeler like Flat Bottle Labeling Machinedoes not require any kind of physical work occupied with the entire procedure. On the off chance that the machine is exchanged on and is very much furnished with all the essential things like the mark roll and the containers, the naming procedure will get finished with no obstruction. In a completely mechanized Bottle Labeling machine, the mark with promptly connected paste is moved over the container and is given out as a totally named bottle.

The fundamental preferred standpoint of such Bottle Labeling machine is that they spare a great deal of time, cash. These labelers are the ones that are generally utilized as a part of enormous assembling enterprises that can manage the cost of substantial speculations. The machines will just need negligible upkeep and in the meantime give a great deal of benefit to the business in little time period.

Technical Specification

Model SBSL-120D
Label Data Inputs Not required due to In Built Automatic Label Length Detection System
Label Placing Adjustments User Friendly And Simple
Pass-Word System Fully Protected, Not required by operator
Voltage Fluctuations Self-Protected for Voltage Fluctuations
Speed Variation Single Point Speed Variation Control – Synchronizing all operations
Label Length Unlimited Label Length
Maintenance Virtually Maintenance Free Machine
Spool Largest 400mm diameter.

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